I am an ISTJ

I am an ISTJ. Sometimes I feel more like an ISFJ. According to the popular Myers-Briggs Personality test we each have one of sixteen specific personality types which determine how we relate to ourselves and others. I am a misunderstood “I”- an Introvert. As I’ve learned more about my personality type I can see why I respond to things and people the way that I do. I understand now that I’m not really a shy/anti-social girl as society has wanted to label me. I’m actually an Introvert who needs my important “I” time to refuel my energy. I like to be with people but usually in smaller doses and it’s really when by myself that I truly get revived. I can now understand why I get very grump when I don’t get enough time by myself; and why my favorite part of the week can be Saturday morning, in bed, with coffee and a good book. From my ISTJ typing and the other 15 types, I have learned a little more about how other people relate to the world and why their differences don’t mean they’re insensitive but they just see things differently than I do.

What are you? How does your type affect how you view yourself and others?


4 thoughts on “I am an ISTJ

  1. would you like me to tell you that there is a lower case i that should be capitolized…I heart the term “soft launch” and I like your thoughts here and INTJ I completely understand the need for “I” time as I often find myself “needing an out” from large gatherings! 🙂

  2. Love the site! awesome job, and I look forward to future posts!

    As an ENFP, by definition I view myself and others very differently than you do. What I find fascinating is how the types can balance, or at times conflict, In relationships with friends, co-workers, or others in ones life. Luckily for us, it’s a balance 🙂 and as much as a big old loud obnoxious “E” I may be, there are days when I want to curl up alone with some bad tv and just chill as well. Perhaps I’m turning “I” with age?

    Cheers to you and livefullyalive!

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