Does your time reflect your values?

Why doesn’t the way we spend our time reflect our values? For some it may be the pursuit of the ‘American Dream’ that creates an imbalance in our values when work takes too much of our time. Or we may find it a challenge to stay balanced because for a season we are a student or the economy has dictated we need to work harder to maintain our current position, or family responsibilities demand more of our time.

In several classes of mine we have been asked to write out the things/people that we value in life. Then we look at if how we are spending our time is a representation of those values or not. It has been interesting to see how what I say is important to me doesn’t always get the time it deserves. The time/value balance is something I have thought more about the past couple of years and am currently working on getting it more where I would like to be.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes and look at work, family, friends, self (add/change a category as it works for you). Then determine what percentage of your time now is devoted to each of the areas you wrote down and what percentage of each would be your IDEAL.

Is there a discrepancy?
What can you start doing to today to work towards your “ideal” value balance?


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