How to Organize New Information?

Information overload?

I feel like I have been acquiring new information recently like a rain gutter collects rain….it come in and then flows on out. I have been learning new facts and tips from most angles in my life right now which energizes me and exhausts me at the same time. I’m also slightly frustrated because I have not found the best way to organize my new ideas into a nice and neat document that I can access when needed in the future.

So, i’m trying to come up with a plan and some new ideas for doing this.

1. I bought a little note book for $1 that I’m going to keep in my purse to write down thoughts and collect any information that I gather while I’m out.

2. I just started a handy dandy excel file with different tabs, for different resource categories, and will be logging away names, sites and information here.

3. In another attempt to be organized I have updated my google reader account to show the current blogs I want to be following, and am sorting through my email subscriptions to ensure I’m getting relevant information and not “junk”.

I’m still thinking there’s some cool, great way out there to keep all this stuff sorted out. As a ‘collector’ of information and facts, and lover of organization I will keep looking for it!

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or ways you do it? Please share!


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