Life Prep: Feedback Request!

What are the things you wish they had told you about the “adult” world? Did you feel prepared when you left college to enter the working adult world? If not, let me know some of the things you wish you had learned while still in college, or had someone help you figure out in your early twenties. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Life Prep: Feedback Request!

  1. I wish that I had learned the importance of saving for retirement in my twenties. Although I had a good job, I did not begin contributing to my 401k until my late 30’s. Now, nearing retirement, I see what could have been . . .

  2. I was just telling Joe the other day that I think that there should be a required financial class of some sort in late high school that teaches things like the stock market, bonds, retirement funds, mortgages, managing debt, and even income taxes. Even though I prob would’ve hated the class, I think it’s important stuff to know about and be confident in and something I wish I wouldn’t have had to piece together as an adult.

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