Full-Time Life on a Part-Time Budget

Very few of us have escaped the downturn in the economy over the past few years. While I was very fortunate to retain my job (am constantly thankful for this), I did endure a 10% salary reduction. At first I was concerned by the loss and what it would mean. I was surprised when I didn’t feel it. I was still able to do the things I wanted to do. I was still saving and contributing to my 401k. That wasn’t too bad.

Then, after a lot of soul searching, praying, talking, thinking, and finger crossing I decided to quit my job of six years and go to Graduate school to pursue a passion. I prepared myself to live on less, cut down my budget to the bare necessities, got rid of things that were unnecessary in my life and ultimately believed that God was behind my decision. Move came, school started and I was again fortunate to retain my job at my old company, only this time working from home on a part-time basis.

It has been about 8 months now that I have been living on this “part-time” budget and while I feel it more than the 10% decrease I am still able to make it. I still feel like I’m living a full life, able to do the things I want, contribute to my 401k and even save a little. My budget is tighter than it was before but it is working. Amazing.

This has really gotten me thinking about what it really takes to live a “Full-time” life. Is it about having gobs of money and buying a lot of crap you don’t really need? Hardly. Is it about doing the things that matter to you, that give you energy and get you going while spending time with the ones that you really care about? Absolutely.

I am blessed to have this time to go to school and pursue a passion. To have the extra time to spend learning and growing in this area all while working and making money to support myself. I am reminded of this blessing every day as I roll out of bed and over to my computer to work and it has inspired me to think of ways to keep this new lifestyle and perspective going.

I am learning what it means to live fully, balanced, and happy. I’m not there yet but I’m pretty sure I’m heading in a better direction than I was before.

Are you living a full-time life?


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