28 days as an almost vegan…almost.

I’ve played with the idea of not eating meat and have cut way back on my dairy consumption, so when I saw a groupon for a “28 Day Vegan Cleanse” I decided to try it. I picked the month I would do it, read up on all the “pre-cleanse” reading material, and attempted my vegan shopping list. Wow. I found it incredibly limiting and pretty much failed on day one. It’s four weeks long though, I’ll just ease myself into it. Right? By week two I had decided that I would be an “almost” vegan cutting way back on things that were off limits to the plan but not eliminate them entirely. Then I just decided to give up and am ok with the fact that I am not a vegan. I tried…almost. 🙂 Had I never known what hamburger’s and french fries tasted like I would probably be ok without eating them…but since I do it’s hard for me to imagine a world where they don’t exist. I have learned to limit them considerably and find I feel MUCH better when I don’t eat them.

Things I did learn from the attempt:

1. Vegan is hard but it’s not AS limiting as it sounds. I love non meat meals and there are days when I don’t eat it, but it’s just hard to eliminate all together (nor do I want to).

2. Quinoa is awesome (already knew this though)

3. Sadly it’s a lot more expensive to eat a diet of all fresh, non processed foods (doesn’t help with the nation’s shocking obesity problems).

4. I need to learn to be more creative with my meal choices. I’m a creature of habit and when cooking most of your meals for one it’s easy to get in a rut.

5. I DO eat fairly healthy. I try and eat a balance diet of as much non processed foods as I can. Sure there are things I need to be better at, or shouldn’t eat, but I also believe that there should be balance in your food. Highly restrictive diets don’t work.


5 thoughts on “28 days as an almost vegan…almost.

  1. Wow! Congrats. Veganism is hard, but your right about it not being as limiting as it sounds. I am in the process of turning vegan too..almost there.

  2. This made me laugh Christa! There is no way I could even attempt to go as long as you did! And I agree…eating fresh is much more expensive which is a sad reality.

  3. I always knew dessert made me feel terrible but now I’m wondering if dairy and meat contribute also. I’m curious to find out …but I probably won’t! 🙂

  4. Awesome that you tried this. Dairy and meat are easier to avoid that most people think, I guess the biggest thing is making sure you get iron, calcium, and complete proteins.

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