When life threatens your balance:

I am proud of the fact that I can multi-task. I recognize I have an ability to do many tasks at once, to juggle many aspects of work and self at one time, and keep them all going fairly well. I thrive on doing more than one thing at a time (which is a good thing right now as I’m a full-time graduate student, work part-time at two jobs, and value a blooming social life). I attribute this ability to my “J” type of personality….my love for organization bordering on obsession. Not a day goes by where I don’t create some sort of list, or slightly panic when I can not find the list I had already created. I have a gift for organizing and planning social outings with friends, juggling and structuring a work schedule and not procrastinating (too much) on school work or tasks. I love to be busy and make sure everything has its place, time and purpose.

With this said there are times (and things) that threaten this balance in my life. I have found that I have a tendency to get overzealous in my planning and forget that I’m an introvert that NEEDS to have alone/down time. It’s not an option, it’s a requirement. When I start to feel extra moody or emotional I have to take a step back and ask myself “Have I had any alone time lately?”. Another thing I have learned about myself is that because I love to have a lot of things going at once, I love learning new information, and keeping things interesting I can tend to get over whelmed with information on occasion. I feel this is where I’m really at right now.
I am on information overload.
I need to unplug and slow down.
I need to rest and let my soul and body recharge.
Recognizing the times when I get to this point and being able to allow myself to recharge have been crucial in preventing major breakdowns. There are times when taking a complete break from your life just isn’t possible. Your schedule is just too demanding with essential items for a season that you have no days to recharge. I heard someone once talk about a season in their life where this was the case. In order to stay balanced they wrote down the things that they love, that recharge them, and made sure that they did at least 5 of them every week. By putting up reminders and setting mini goals we can help keep ourselves in better balance.
Prioritize what needs to be done and make sure you keep the things that really fuel you as a part of your week.

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