Just add coffee…

While traveling in AZ recently I saw these signs in a coffee shop and had to laugh. Lately this has seemed more true than not and I have been asking myself why this is. Am I just addicted to caffeine, is it a habit, or is it a symptom I have been overloading myself and need to take a step back and pause for a bit?

I think there is something to both being addicted to caffeine and coffee drinking being a habit, but I think there is more going on there. If I’m really honest I think it has more to do with my mind being overloaded and not wanting to focus on one task, so I’m reaching for coffee has a potential solution (that and it just tastes darn good).

So while I keep drinking my morning cup I will examine they ways in my life in which I’m overloaded and how I can begin to adjust this. What are my priorities? What is it that is taking my energy instead of giving me energy? What do I need to give up and how can I create a better sense of balance in my life (and in turn more energy and less caffeine powered motivation).


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