My Expiriment: 30 Days to living a full life

My Expiriment: 30 Days to living a full life….

I am on a mission to create more margin and space in my life. I have a personality flaw that makes me sometimes want to take on more than I can reasonably do, have a high sense of responsibility (and therefore guilt), and a need to constantly be productive. Yes, these can all be positive traits at times, but for where I’m at right now, they are causing me to feel overwhelmed and out of balance.

I need balance.

So, I have begun a mission to create some space and pursue the discipline of simplicity in my life. I feel this has really been a two year journey that I have been on with my tackling different aspects of my life piece by piece. I am now on month two of an ‘excess fast’ where I have attempted to remove any excess spending and tasks, while researching and reading about ways to create a more simple life (adding simplicity).

After just reading Joyce Meyer’s book on 100 ways to simplify your life, I thought I’d make them even easier and create a “30-day Simplicity” plan.

What I will be doing over 30-days is attempting to tackle one task each day. Starting June 20th  I will spend time meditating, journaling and praying on each area i’ve selected and see what that should look like in my own life. I will be sharing some of my thoughts, journal prompts, and resources each day and I hope that you join me in this journey.

Do you need to find some balance?


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