My Experiment: Day 2, Satisfied with what you have

Day 2: Be Satisfied with what you have

We live in a highly branded and marketed society. We are constantly being told what we should want/have/like, etc. TV and Magazines give us an image of what we should look like. But how much of it is real? Do we really need all of that stuff, or need to look a certain way to be happy?

I have attempted a ‘spending fast’ from things in the past couple months. It’s hard to not get caught up in the latest trend, or not wanting something else for my adorable new studio…but do I really need it? Aren’t I abundantly blessed and beyond lucky to have the things I already own?

I am encouraging myself, and I’m encouraging you, to learn to be satisfied with what you have. From material possessions to relationships. Sure we have wants, and it’s ok to get buy things, or want more, but I think we need to look at why we want them.

Journal/Thought prompt: “What drives me to want the things that I don’t have?” “Can I go a month without buy something new, or wanting something someone else has?”


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