My Experiment: Day 4 Let go of what lies behind

Day 4: Let go of what lies behind

Sure, we have all made mistakes. That is part of learning and growing. Dwelling on those mistakes, or what happened in the past is not going to get you anywhere. Taking what you can from them, learning something about yourself, and applying it to what you do next is all you can do.

If you spend too much time living in the mistakes of the past you’re not going to really enjoy the where you are in the moment.  Learn, apologize when needed, grow, but don’t dwell on the things that you can’t change.

Journal/Thought prompt: “What past mistake (yours or others) are you still holding onto?” “Do you need to forgive yourself (or someone else) for a past mistake or hurt?” Write this out and see if it helps to take the first steps towards letting go.


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