My Experiment: Day 9 Know yourself

Day 9: Know yourself

This one is hard. It takes time, work, and can be a bit painful and messy. It’s a natural part of growing up and it’s key to being able to live out who you really are (and to live a simple and meaningful life). Learning more about who I am and most importantly being comfortable with that has been the biggest gift I received in my twenties. It was only through pain, prayer, self-reflection and amazing friendships that I was able to come to a place where I am comfortable with the person that I am. I know me and have worked on improving that person.

I belive that in order to live simply and for your life to have meaning you must know who you are. We begin to add a lot of stuff and chaos into ourlives when we’re in search of who we are. In being at peace with ourselves we can rest with what we have.

Journal/Thought prompt: Self-reflection and growth is a life long journey. We are all works in progress. What is one thing/area you would like to work on? Love and accept yourself today…Who God made you to be is good.


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