My Experiment: Day 12 Be decisive

Day 12: Be decisive

Make a decision already! If you’re anything like me when life gets overwhelming and busy decisions are anything but easy to make. Sometimes the first clue for me that I need to slow down is not being able to decide what I want to eat for lunch. Indecision keeps us paralized in the place we are at. We need to learn to keep it simple,  make decisions, and stick with them. Don’t be so afraid to make a make a mistake that it keeps you in indecision limbo for a long time…Just do it!

We make decisions based on different things, and each of us bring our own personalities into our decision styles, but I encourage you to try and be more decisive.

Journal/Thought prompt: Is there a decision you have been stuck in making because of fear? In what ways/areas can you be more decisive when making decisions?


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