My Experiment: Day 13 Refuse to give into fear

Day 13: Refuse to give into fear

When I was little I was occasionally afraid there was something living under my bed. I would have to run and jump up into it at night in order to not linger too long in the floor space surrounding the bed. Had I given into this fear I might not have gotten into bed (or would still be running and jumping today). Fear is the biggest thing that stops us from doing something. Fear of what might happen, that we won’t be able to do it, what people might thinking of you, etc. If we always give into this fear we will miss out on a lot that life has to offer us.

There are times when fear is an important warning system but don’t let it keep you from something good and growth producing. It’s hard the first couple nights you try to walk confidently up to the bed and slide in, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be set to take on whatever waits at the other end of “what if?…”

Journal/Thought prompt: Where are you letting fear control you, or stop you from doing something you want to do?


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