My Experiment: Day 15 Be Positive

Day 15: Be Positive

They say attitude is everything. If you believe you’re having a wrotten day, then you’re probably going to have a wrotten attitude about your day. BUT if you stay positive and believe things are going to get better, or turn out well, then you’ll see your outlook change.

When I get busy and overloaded it’s harder for me to stay positive when something doesn’t go my way. Things always seem like such a big deal when I’m tired and it’s hard to say positive about every situation. By trying to live more simply we are creating a better space for ourselves to develop a positive attitude.

We can actually change the way we view things by actively seeking to stay posiitive. It takes conscious effor and work to stop ourselves from thinking negatively, but we can see our efforts pay off when we are able to roll with life’s seasons more gracefully.

Journal/Thought prompt: Have you noticed negativity spreading in your life? Today when you feel yourself going to negative town STOP and redirect the train to positivity and see if you don’t end up with a better day.


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