My Experiment: Day 16 Be thankful

Day 16: Be thankful

Give thanks in everything. Live with a grateful heart. Just be thankful. We all wish there was something that was different in our lives, that we had something else, etc. When we get stuck in the pattern of only thinking about the things that are wrong with our lives we get stuck in that and begin a spiral down to negative town. When we think about the things that we are thankful for we are put in a better, more positive pattern where we see things everywhere that we have reason to be thankful for. Go ahead…try it! Be thankful!

Journal/Thought prompt: For the next week try and list at least three things that you’re thankful for. Does it help you see all the many blessings in your life? AND If you start to think of something negative (or something you don’t have or that isn’t going right) replace that thought with something you’re thankful for. Does it help reframe your outlook?


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