My Experiment: Day 22 Take control of your thoughts

Day 22: Take control of your thoughts

Are you aware of the impact your thoughts have on your attitude? Can you see how when you get going into a downward spiral of negative thoughts things just seem to become worse and worse and you begin to lose yourself in them? What if you learned to control this process and STOP yourself from the downward spiral?

Our thoughts are powerful impactors of our lives and when we fill our minds with negative things then we produce negative results. Garbage in, Garbage out. I have noticed in my own life how if I let myself think the negative things and don’t stop myself then soon I’m in a very bad mood and the world is against me!

By learning to stop ourselves when that first bad thought comes on the scene (or the second or third..) and replace it with something positive we will see amazing results in our attitude and how we feel.

Journal thought/prompt: Do you let yourself become overtaken by negative thoughts at times? Practice stopping yourself before this becomes a problem and replace the negative with a positive thought. See what happens when you begin to do this consistently.


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