My Experiment: Day 23 Cultivate Solitude

Day 23: Cultivate Solitude

The whole point of this 30-day experiment is to find a way to create space and simplicity in life. I believe that in order to do this there needs to be some time for solitude as well. This can happen daily, weekly, or monthly as fits your personality but it absolutely needs to happen.

For me I know when I start to feel extra tired and overwhelmed that I need some “I” time (I stands for Introvert). As an introvert I refuel my energy stash by being alone and doing the things I enjoy. I know that I need this time at least weekly and am most at peace when I get a little time daily in solitude.

Journal thought/prompt: How much solitude do you need in your life? When do you set aside time for yourself and being alone to refuel?


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