My Experiment: Day 28 Stop doing things you don’t do well

Day 28:  Stop doing things you don’t do well

Lets face it. We can’t be good at everything. I do believe in challenging oneself and trying new things but there is a limit.  If you’ve been trying something for a while now and it’s just creating more chaos in your life than good then maybe it’s time to let that thing go. In looking at simplifiying our lives we need to cut out excess (or things that are not working for us) and stick to the things that are a benefit to us.

Journal thought/prompt: Do you agree with this statement? What things in your life are you trying to do that you should really just let go of?


2 thoughts on “My Experiment: Day 28 Stop doing things you don’t do well

  1. I fundamentally disagree with the title of Day 28’s post. While I understand the necessity to simplify our lives and cut out excess for the sake of efficiency and substance, the complete elimination of things we are not successful at will squash the opportunity for real growth.

    I will say that it is good to leave anything that we find chaos in behind. Nothing good can come from that, but the resolution of a struggle or a challenge can bring fulfillment beyond what we could have originally expected. Giving up on things is not the right mindset, in my opinion, but rather knowing when we are conscious of ourselves as “good enough.” We don’t have to be great at everything, but we can still be “good.” I think it’s a matter of how each of us define success.

    However, the real question that comes to mind is, “what is the limit?” How will we know what our limit is, if we only focus on the things we’re good at, all the time? I really believe it’s not the quantity of things to focus on that inhibit us from being good at them, but the quality. If we are not good at something, does it mean it is not good for us? There are some things that have a clear answer to this question, but there are some that need the opportunity and dedication to find out the answer beyond our perceived limits. There is a difference between beating a video game, and beating cancer. Different challenges have different limits, but in either situation, you best believe I would be good at trying.

    On a personal note, your posts are fantastic! I really enjoy thinking about self reflection, and how we can consciously challenge ourselves to have fulfilling lives.

    1. Jonathan, you’re right. I really should amend this one to say that you should stop trying to do the things you’ve had on your To-do list for years but still haven’t gotten around to. Like learning spansh for me. It has been on my list for the past like 5 years and I’ve opened my rosetta stone once. Maybe in an effort to simplify I take that off my list until I have the time to really pull it back up. It does seem like the things that I really care about learning/trying I do and the other stuff is just a ‘would be nice’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!!

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