My Experiment: Day 29 Organize, get rid of junk

Day 29: Organize, get rid of junk

Oh my favorite thing! Gets me all excited just thinking about organizing and cleaning out things. As a natural pack rat I have to fight this instinct and overcome it with organzation and periodic cleaning out of my life. One of the most visual ways to simplify your life is to clean out the junk of stuff you don’t need. Go through your closest and get rid of the things you haven’t worn in the last 12 months, throw away paper and magazines that have been piling up, or even go through you email inbox and move to folders or delete unneeded emails. If this isn’t a regular practice of yours you’ll be surprised at how light and simple, clear things will seem once you’ve done it.

Getting rid of junk also applies to our emotional garbage we’ve been holding onto. Take some time to assess what you’re holding onto and work on letting it go. Journal, read, meditate, pray, whatever works for you in order to begin to lay those things down and not let them clutter up your soul.

Journal thought/prompt:  What areas of your life do you need to clean out/organize? What’s the first step to take towards doing this?


2 thoughts on “My Experiment: Day 29 Organize, get rid of junk

  1. I still think we need to start an organizing company together 🙂 You probably disagree after living with me for a year and seeing the perpetual messy state of my room! Ha! But everything had its place, even if I didn’t always put it there! 🙂

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