My Experiment: Day 30 Stop making excuses

Day 30: Stop making excuses

It’s day 30. I bet you’ve put all of these ideas into place and are living a much more simple life, right? Ok, so probably not. There are a lot of them and a lot of reasons why we don’t want to take the time and effort towards doing this. But stop making excuses and try something. Start by taking one or two of them and try to implement them into your life. Look at all 30 and see which ones are most meaningful and applicable to you and try those. Whatever it is just start something.

We all live in a world where business is a desired quality to have and where quiet and peace are not always appreciated. Our modern world has most stress and anxiety related issues that I believe are caused from this root idea that things have to be difficult, busy, hard. We’ve lost our margin in life and I’m for one determined to get some of it back.

Journal thought/prompt: What are you making excues for? In one ways have you lost your margin and how can you begin to regain that in your life.


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