The engagement story…

Love…so it does exist.

Ok, I have never really doubted its existence but have many a time been frustrated with the challenges it presented to me. It always seemed to just elude me. It seemed difficult and confusing to find. Through all the pain and challenge I always knew that it was there and it was worth waiting for.

I followed my heart and God’s direction when I moved up to the bay area last year. I had no idea that a man would come into my life so son, I just knew I was supposed to be here. This time I was lucky with the online route.

It didn’t take either of us long to realize we had found something special and by the third date I was sold. It has been a great adventure and even though it’s a short amount of time I am beyond confident in the man he is and our lives together being brought together by something bigger than either of us.

We have been talking about marriage since about January and just were waiting on the timing. Then we threw out the October 8th date and my planner brain went into full speed. Minor detail: No ring. I tried to wait patiently, and succeeded part of the time, but failed the other part. I had many “so, what are  you thinking about Oct” talks and was told to just trust him. I knew it would happen but as the weeks closed in on our date I was skeptical about making it happen. Little did I know…

Last Sunday after coming back from Paso Robles visiting a friend I was told that we were going to dinner to meet up with a friend of his from high school who worked there and would ‘hook us up’.  I didn’t really think anything of it since this is something that would happen normally. Even when he told me it was a “nicer” restaurant I was still like, yeah sure…sounds good.

He picked me up and we headed out to an amazing restaurant in old Almaden, San Jose. It’s tucked in the hills along a creek and adorable. We sat down and began to get the royal treatment with extra plates and dishes compliments of a friend (a different one than who had supposedly sent us there). Still I was not thinking anything of it, other than it being a ridiculously good meal, because Ryan is more spontaneous and random than I am. The food was delicious and after two and half hours later we left the restaurant grinning.

Then outside under the stars and on a blanket he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. I was still in shock a bit because I forgot to say yes and he had to prompt me for a response. Of course it was yes and we went back to my place for champagne that he had packed, on ice, in his car!

The ring is a perfect band and just what I wanted! He was successful in surprising me and testing my patience and I can not wait to marry this man on October 8th, 2011 (one year and a day after we first met!)


4 thoughts on “The engagement story…

  1. Words can’t express how very happy we are for you & Ryan! October 8th is going to be a blast & everyone can’t wait!!! Love You! Aunt Cathy

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