Do we take the time to appreciate beauty?

In one of my classes this past week we heard a story about a world famous violinist playing in a DC metro station for 45 minutes without anyone paying any attention to him. He is arguably the best violinist in the world, and was playing one of the best songs on the best instrument, and no one cared.

This got me thinking about life, and how we just rush through it and stop to pay attention to the smaller, beautiful things. Do we, in our hurry to get somewhere and accomplish something, forget to look around and appreciate what is in front of us?

I have started trying to pay attention when I’m out walking more to the little beautiful things that are around. When I’m walking through SJSU’s campus I love seeing the squirrels scamper around the lawn. One of my all time favorite things to spot is a Corgi (adorable dog)  and will get so excited when this treat actually happens that it makes my day.

How do you take the time to appreciate the beauty that’s around you? Do you pause in your day from rushing to one thing to the next, to accomplishing something greater, to really stop and look at what God has given to you in that day?

Think about it…

Article of violinist story:


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