Technology: The Good and the Bad…

There’s no denying that we live in world that’s focused around technology. We have all took the good of technology, the parts that seem to add value or make our lives easier in someway, into our lives. It seems that one might have a tipping point where technology no longer becomes a benefit but a crutch, or mask to hide behind, or just simply a major pain in the butt!

We live in a world more immersed in technology than ever before. The Generation Y, Millenials, have been deemed “Digital Natives” having grown up in a world with the internet, computers, and cell phones that are faster than the average person’s personal computer.

I agree that there are MAJOR benefits from our technology, and I’m not ready to give it up by any means, but there are times that I get frustrated with my dependance on it.

Before I go there I will share some of the GOOD of technology. If you haven’t heard of Pinterist by now check it. I recently saw a yummy ‘pin’ on there for sticky buns and wanted to try them. This morning I made them….super easy and yummy! Can’t really go wrong with bread, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Sample photo here:










Now the “BAD”…..

For those that know me I have been drooling over the iphone since it came out many years ago. However, I am also a loyal Verizon wireless customer. I held onto my old razor phone for 2.5 years + in hopes that the iphone would come to Verizion as promised. Well, one month before they announced that the phone was coming I decided to resign and get the “Droid Incredible”. I thought that I would be daring and try something different.

Less than a year later I had one Droid replacement and countless not-so-nice things said about it. I was over it. A good friend of mine had the same problems and got an early upgrade to the iphone so I thought I’d try my luck and see if I could finally be an iphone owner.

and it worked! I am now the proud owner of an iphone. way later than the rest of the world but I have finally made it!

has it changed my world? nope

are there still issues with it and things that were ‘better’ with the droid? sure are

lesson learned? : for most of us our technology is a way to get things done, and to make our lives easier and it has changed our lives in many ways. but at the end of the day what phone you have, or don’t have, really does not dictate your happiness level (or shouldn’t). I should be patient because I will probably get the ‘new’ technology eventually and it will have more of the kinks worked out.

now that I’ve adjusted to my phone I’m thinking about getting the ipad…..


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