Year end reflection: Counting my blessings!

Not to get too sappy or anything but man this has been an amazing year! I look back and see all the places that God has brought me and I’m filled with joy, thanks, and love.

A recap of the year: 1. Fell in love (ok that started a little before the year did..) 2. finished 3/4 of my masters program and had enough resources from jobs to survive while doing it. 3. got to take an amazing trip to Seattle with friends AND to Denver with my girls. 4. Got engaged! 5. 7 weeks later had the most perfect wedding I could have thought of and married my best friend 6. started a new job that I’m believing will be a great fit for where I’m at now 7. not to mention all the little things that make life special (food, corgi’s, being outside, loving my little neighborhood and cottage home, good books, good wine, laughing with friends, squirrels running around, music, beautiful sunsets, and I could go on and on).

This season I would challenge you (as I’m going to be doing the same thing myself) to look at the year and count the many blessings! Don’t get stuck on the things that haven’t gone the way you wanted them to, but look at all the joy in life that you have experienced.

Life really is lived in the details and we need to savor each and every one. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy what you have.

And while you’re at it, this is always a time to reflect back on the year and think about the things that have kept you from living fully. What is it that trips you up and gets you stuck in a down cycle? Now, what is in YOUR control to change about that? That’s what I encourage you to think about and work on going forward.

Thank you 2011. Bring on 2012!


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