To juice or not to juice?

We got a juicer for a wedding gift and it is by far my husband’s favorite gift! We are really enjoying getting to make fresh juice and even if it’s only in our heads it makes us feel great!

So I decided to do a little research on the effects of juicing. Awhile back we watched a documentary about juicing that got us all excited about the effects of juice and the way your body was able to absorb the nutrients better when it didn’t have to break it down in digestion. There are many websites out there that will talk about the benefits of juice. One posted the “11 benefits of juicing for your health”

While the mayo clinic claims that juicing may not be any better for you than eating the raw food. In juicing you do get all the nutrients and vitamins the fruit has to offer but lose most of the fiber benefits. It can also add calories quickly to your diet (one sm glass of juice can easily have 2 apples, 2-3 lg carrots, an orange and celery).

So either way it’s a good deal. It tastes great and is fun to see what combinations you can come up with! I don’t think I’ll be going on a straight juice fast anytime soon, but a glass once or twice a week is amazing. Husband keep on juicing please!


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