Making Space and Finding Balance

First of all…Let me just reiterate that I am and we are all works in progress. I don’t believe that any of us have it all figured out, or that we will get it ‘together’ in this lifetime. We are marked by the effort we put in, and the baby steps that we take, and most of all by the reflection and self awareness that we get. Life is a journey. I believe we have a great guide on our journey who walks along side us and at times carries us, but it’s still up to us to put in the work at times.

So where is this rambling going? Just to say that I have not been on here in a while because I’ve gotten caught up in the stuff of life and am recognizing my need for more balance and space in my journey. There are times when I have become so out of balance, unconnected with myself and what’s important to me, that I need to take a step back and recalibrate. I believe we all need to be doing this on a daily basis.

Here are some ways that I am currently working on making space in my life and striving towards balance:

1. Quality time with my husband, friends and family. Not just time spent in the same room but quality time where you’re connected and present with those people. So hard to get caught up in life and forget to do this

2. Taking time to do the things that feed me, that bring me peace. For me I know that I need time alone for reading, reflection, quiet, and prayer. When life gets busy I will sometimes forget to make this a priority and it isn’t until I feel crabby and disconnected that I realize I’ve been missing my “I” time. SO important to take time for the things the fuel you.

3. Getting into yoga. No I don’t believe in all the stuff the yogi’s proclaim but it for sure has a place in everyone’s space and balance routine. There is NO denying the calming and peace producing effects of yoga. (see blog story on more yoga insights to come…)

4. Adjusting expectations and allowing more grace in my life. This goes back to the idea that no one is perfect, there isn’t one right journey in life, and it’s ok if yours looks different than someone else’s. I find myself constantly fighting the battle of what the world (society) calls me to be. The expectations of the world are not a perfect fit for me and I have to constantly recalibrate my expectations to fit what is important to me and my family and what I want my life to represent.

5. Seeking out my purpose. I have found a job that works with (not against) my strengths and life priorities (at least 80% of the time..) and that’s awesome! But do I think this is what God has really called my life to be about? Probably not. For me part of finding balance is to find out what God has called me to do. What makes my life truly meaningful to me and how I can go out and use my gifts and talents to serve him. I’m still searching for what this is but feel that it’s a bigger journey that God has been pushing me on for a long time now. I’m not there, but I’m closer than I used to me.

What do you do to make space and find balance in your life? (OR Do you do this at all?) Try it for a week, or a month and see if there’s a difference in the way you feel after.


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