Yoga…people might be onto something here.

As a 30-something I’ve begun to notice some changes to my body and metabolism. I have always had an active, workout to eat, mentality to health and have been lucky enough to enjoy a stable weight for most of my life. Since turning 30 I have begun to notice some changes that I’m not exactly thrilled with and realize some lifestyle changes need to happen. I want to be proactive and healthy about the changes that I make knowing that this really will make a difference as to how I continue to age and the healthy that I have in the later part of my life.

With that said I have been fighting with my pant size and feeling confident in who I am recently after gradually gaining a few unwanted pounds. Recognizing that hating the weight is not going to do anything about it, and not helping my efforts of maintaining balance and extending grace towards myself, I have moved to a new approach to fitness.

In my twenties I became a runner. I loved the discipline and routine of it and how I could control the amount of miles I did. I loved the challenge of a race and found the peace and restoration I needed in the long runs. After moving up north to pursue my masters degree by love of running got lost somewhere. I must have left it in southern california because it’s not the same it once was. My body feels the miles much more than I used to and it doesn’t offer the same mental release that it did before. Maybe it’s just the season of where I’m at and I’ll find the same peace in it again, but for now I’m resigning myself to being a purely short distance runner.

What this means for my fitness and weight management is I have to try something else. The amazing calorie burner of running isn’t easy to replace so adjustments need to be made in other areas.

I have always dabbled in yoga but over the last month I have really found a love and connection with it. A coworker turned me onto a website that streams yoga videos for $18 a month. It has a wide variety of styles, lengths, and purposes for whatever you might be needing that day. The site is yogaglo and I highly recommend it.

For me there is something to the cleansing, stretching, balancing of the yoga practice that helps me to connect more to who I am. It doesn’t always get your heart going in the same way ( so I am still doing higher intensity workouts for the cardio benefits) but am I loving the lengthening, calming, and self-esteem boosting effects that yoga offers. I don’t know about the external energy and some things the yogi’s talk about but there are certainly benefits with slowing down, breathing and connecting with the strength and balance you have within your own body.

Try yoga for a month and see if you notice a difference!


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