Where does your time go?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how technology has changed not just the way I do things and commuicate, but how it has changed ME.

Interested article on how to get more done in your day. Check it out: http://www.openforum.com/articles/10-steps-to-getting-more-done-in-your-day?extlink=em-openf-SBdaily. It makes me think a lot about the way that technology can be a distraction and hindrance to actually get work done. Now, believe me I love technology and will not be giving it up anytime soon, but good to think about the ways is actually affects your productivity instead of helping.

Point #1 from the article is “Don’t start your day reading your email”….hmm…interesting since the first thing I do most days is ready my email from bed once my alarm goes off (makes me think I’m working towards getting up when I really don’t want to get out of bed yet).

Point #6 is “Control Distractions”….right.  There are so many distractions from technology that I won’t even begin to name them. Lets just say that I’ve noticed this is become more and more and my ability to “multi-task” isn’t always as awesome as I would like to think it is.

Just some food for thought. Technology is good but there’s probably a point when we’re too connected and there’s too much of it.

For me, I’ve started to notice a change in my attention span. Scary. I used to be able to sit and read for hours. Perfectly content with a book (one with actual paper pages) and hours of entertainment. Now, I find it’s hard to stay engaged in the book for very long without look at my phone to check my messages, mail, facebook, play a game of scramble or a variety of other things (all while reading a book on my kindle or now ipad…). This thought scares me. I am developing computer onset ADD.

Playing with the idea of a weekly technology sabbath. Anyone want to join me?


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