What is your idea of the “perfect” job?

Oh sure, we all thought finding the perfect job was going to be easy. We were told growing up that we could do anything we wanted, that we would get a gold start for doing what we were supposed to do, and that we should pursue what interests us.

How many of you have found that the rules you thought applied to working don’t really apply? Mainly that it’s not a given that you’re going to find a job that makes you all warm and fuzzy everyday you’re there and energizes and fuels every part of you.

I’ll admit it, Me!! I have worked through a lot of my ideas about what a job, career, profession should be or look like for me. I believe that it’s a very personal, tailored idea that looks different for each person. The KEY is to find out what it looks like for you and then try to find it! What does your work look like that fulfills YOUR idea of meaningful work?

Here are some things I’ve learned about my “perfect” job:

1. The purpose matters, a lot! I want to care about (and agree with) the motto or mission of the company.

2. The people make a difference. Always good to enjoy the people who you’re working with.

3. My strengths are in gathering ideas, information, and putting them together in a meaningful way. Also in my sense of responsibility, discipline and harmony. (I like working with ideas and information. I’m a researcher.)

4. Flexibility is clutch!!! Since I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility I’m not comfortable with slacking or not getting the job done. So with that being able to be flexible with my projects, tasks and time is very important to me. I like being able to have flexibility and freedom in my tasks (working within the structure of what needs to be done).

5. I don’t live to work. I want the time I spend with my family and friends to be  rich and meaningful and a priority so I can’t spend 50 hours a week doing my job. I will put in the time needed to get the job done but it’s not going to be a habit. Balance in life, and being able to do the things I love are ultimately more important.

6. The parts that make me who I am, what makes me Christa, what fills up my energy and love tank are not necessarily driven by my paid job….and that’s ok.

Do you know what you perfect job looks like?


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