Inspired By: Makers Co-working space (and going after dreams!)

I love hearing about people going after what they want; following a dream and it leading to something unknown. So inspiring!

One of my earliest memories of my dear friend Lana is of her moving into our place in college and immediately starting to reupholster a chair herself (and it looked great after!). Over the years I have been constantly inspired, challenged and encouraged by her beauty, grace, love of her friends and family, kind heart, AMAZING cooking skills, and  very TALENTED eye for design!! I have learned much from her and am so thankful for my friend and how she challenges and pushes herself to follow a dream (and make things happen).

She and her business partner have recently launched their co-working space up in Seattle. I am in awe of how well the space turned out and can’t wait to go up and see it! If I were in Seattle and looking for a place to do business other than my bedroom in pj’s (for those that do that telecommuting thing), I would certainly be renting a space her.

They have just opened their space and have already had a party for their own launch, an Invisible Children viewing, the JNSQ launch party and a private celebration for the Birthday girl is in the works right now. 🙂

Congrats Lana and Caitlin for making it happen! Check out their space! website (also on Facebook, Makers)


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