Intentional downtime: A “Making Space” retreat for myself

This morning I created some space in my weekend to have a little mini retreat. I have been feeling a little stressed and over worked the past month, having lots of fun and stressful things going on, that I realized I need to STOP and Pause for a bit.

I have learned that the best way for me to stay balanced and refreshed is to allow for some quiet time filled with reflection, reading and running. My morning allowed for all three of these and was just what I needed.

Do you need some intentional downtime?

What I learned from my morning:

  1. I am a lucky girl to get to wake up next to a wonderful and handsome husband! (was extra special as he made me breakfast this morning too!).
  2. I love easing into my day (no surprise here but again another blessing that I got to do that this am).
  3. Hilarious insights while starting A.J. Jacobs newest book and his quest to be the “healthiest man”. More on that in another post but just to say that there are a LOT of methods out there in how to be the healthiest version of yourself and it can be a little overwhelming when trying to find what works for you. Enter GRACE for yourself.
  4. Sad side note on the reading time. I set an alarm for one hour of uninterrupted reading time (no other forms of technology to be used) and made it almost through the hour unscathed (except for one attempt at looking up an iPhone app the book was talking but and stopping myself before completing the search.).
  5. I still enjoy running but not the long distances that I used to. I run for fun, to clear my head, and get a good workout, but I have no real desire to run more than 3 or 4 miles right now.
  6. Running is a wonderful way to clear your head, release stress and get my creativity flowing! Had a fun idea for photos while out this morning!

Will be scheduling more retreats and intentional downtime in the near future. They are a necessity in my life.


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