Simplicity Experiment Revisited: Day 1

Last summer I took a look at 30 things to help simplify your life over a 30 day period. I know that for me I need a constant reminder of this, so I’m going to ‘revisit’ some of the topics I need the most help (um daily) to remember.

Day 1: Do one thing at a time

Day one, first things first. Stop multitasking….it’s not as productive as you think it is. I am a big multitasker. I get bored doing just one thing (so I think) and feel more productive when I’m working on more than one task at a time. But maybe I’m really not as productive? Maybe all that is just creating clutter in my mind and slowing down the progress of the tasks I am working on? Maybe it creates a feeling of chaos and business and is more of a distraction than a help?

Look at putting all of your energy and focus into the task you are working on. See if it helps you have a better work product in the end and feel less stressed while you’re doing it.

Journal/Thought prompt: “In what areas of my life do I try to multitask too much?” “What are some ways I can begin to focus on one thing at a time?”

Quote: “Where ever you are, be all there”


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