Musings From a Relaxing Wednesday Morning

As I’ve probably mentioned before there is not much I love more than a relaxing morning with coffee, reading and easing into my day. I’ve always been more of a “morning person” but have never enjoyed rushing off into the day.

This summer I have the joy of working from home on Wednesday mornings to work on some projects, and then relax in the afternoon. Happiness.

Things I’ve been thinking about:

1. I still love waking up to coffee and a good read (blog, book, etc).

2. There is just something so calming and restorative to me to have one day (at least) a week where I can just ease into my day this way. (VERY grateful to my job for allowing me the time to do that this summer. Working on being more intentional with noticing the areas I’m grateful..more on that later).

3. This time allows me to rejuvenate my soul and find my peace or creativity again. When we get busy in the daily go-go-go it’s easy to forget the things that are really important to you, or that life is really quite good. I find this quiet time allows me to remember this.

4. It doesn’t, and can’t, last forever. It’s a sweet time even if it’s only an hour each week, but it’s so important. The relaxing can’t always last forever and that’s ok. At least I was able to get it in at all. (All though you may be reading this as I’m sitting oceanside in Maui pretty much relaxing all day. That’s the beauty of Maui. It’s truly the one place I’ve found where I can be ok for sitting and reading by the water for pretty much an entire day….)

What rejuvenates you? What are YOU grateful for today?


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