Adding a little shavasana (intentional rest) to your day

This summer I’ve been spending some time in a “Power Yoga Class”….Flow yoga in a mildly heated room (aka intense/fast yoga with lots of sweat)…and have very much enjoyed it. The feeling when you complete that 90 minutes of torture is amazing!

I’ve done my fair share of yoga classes and very much enjoy the movement and way it makes your body feel. I have not, however, gotten into the “Yogi” mindset of Shavasana or Nahmaste. While I respect if it’s for you, it’s just not my style, and I typically spend the end of class staring at the ceiling and thinking about what I’m going to eat for dinner.

However, after my intense power yoga classes I have found myself getting into a little Shavasana, enjoying it, and thinking about how it can translate into my daily life.

A definition of Shavasana says: “After the exertions of the yoga practice, Shavasana allows the body a chance to regroup and reset itself. After a balanced practice, the entire body will have been stretched, contracted, twisted and inverted. These means that even the deepest muscles will have the opportunity to let go and shed their regular habits, if only for a few minutes…”

How I translate this: “In finding time for intentional rest in one’s day, you allow yourself to slow down, regroup, and rest”. I think this is something that we could all use a little more of. Giving us time to disconnect from everything that distracts us; to listen to our inner selves and see what is going on, how we’re doing, and allow God to speak to us.

If we don’t slow down and give ourselves time to rest and connect with what’s important and how we’re doing, we will often rush from thing to thing and never stop to reflect and rest.

Agree/Disagree with me?

If you agree I encourage you try to add a little “Shavasana”, or Intentional Rest, to your day.


2 thoughts on “Adding a little shavasana (intentional rest) to your day

  1. Be still and know that I am God- easier to do after u have knocked out a lot of stress and business with balanced exercise like this

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