One Year Later: Things I’ve Learned From Our First Year of Marriage

“I have found the one my soul desires”

I can not believe how fast our first year went. It has been amazing and fun, and more of a blessing than anything, and it has also taught me a lot of uncomfortable (but valuable) lessons. Through the gift of marriage, and being with my love and best friend, I have been challenged to look at the way I do things.

Here are just a few of the lessons learned in our first year:

1. My way is not always the best way, or right way to do something (all though I tend to think it is). Bless my patient husband.

2. I totally love my husband. Ok I knew this before being married but it’s amazing how that love changes, deepens, with marriage. The not-so-simple act of saying vows in front of God and family/friends changes it…for the better.

3. I am a stubborn person. Set in my ways. Yup. It’s good to have a patient husband who understands (most of the time) that I’m not trying to be difficult…it’s just the way my mind works.

4. I need words of affirmation. I need to hear my husband tell me he loves me and that he wants to be with me (even when I’m being the stubborn person mentioned before). And the beautiful thing is hearing him tell me this. I have learned the value of affirmation in a relationship even more as a wife.

5. God is totally working in and through our marriage. I know He is! Even if I can’t see the bigger design in what he’s doing, I know he’s designing something amazing! Ryan and I are excited to see what God continues to do with the gift of each other he has given us and where He will be taking us. We can only see a portion of where we are going but we know where we’ve been with Him and we’re so excited to see what’s next!

6. I am a selfish person.  Wow, nothing like marriage to show you your ugly side! It has been both painful and beautiful getting to see yourself through the eyes of someone else (and to rest in the fact that they love you, completely).

7. Life with Ryan is better than I could have imagined (even when we’re stubborn, selfish, unsure of where we’re going). I love getting to laugh with my best friend. To be happy and sad and all the emotions in between. Life is most surely in the little things and I am blessed to share them with my husband. SO excited to see what future years together brings us!

Thanks for loving me Hubs!

(Additional thoughts/advise on marriage that I loved reading …


7 thoughts on “One Year Later: Things I’ve Learned From Our First Year of Marriage

  1. 💜💛💚💙 so beautiful! Thank you for sharing… And prayers of blessing, love and joys for many more years to come!

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