Changing your Focus

I’ve been spending a lot of time, so far, this year working on changing my focus. Breaking away from what the world tells me I should be thinking/wanting/doing and being thankful for what I do have.

According to a resent talk I heard by Stanford Professor, Dr. Fred Luskin we spend about 75-80% of our conversations complaining. Most of the things we thinking about and talk about is negative. That seems very sad to me but if you think about it, it’s mostly true. We’re hard-wired in a way, our culture trains us to think about what’s wrong and not going well. It takes effort to think about what’s good and what we’re thankful for (at first).

He also said that “Happiness is wanting what you have, stress is when you want anything else”. In my own experiments lately I can see a difference in me when I’m content with what I have right now (and not focusing on the things that I don’t have). I have seen how wanting what you have in front of you creates a joy and thankfulness that wishing you had something else could never do.

Dr. Fred Luskin also says that we need to slow down so that “the normal blessings of life can sink in. Don’t rush past the goodness”. I for one am guilty of rushing past the good that is happening. Part of my new goals in life are to learn to slow down and enjoy what is happening in the moment. To be able to take in the blessings that are happening every day, to accept what I have/who I am as good things.

I am changing my focus to thinking about the good in my life (and trying not to get stuck in the not so good…) I’m working on seeing my purpose in my career and what things I can be doing daily to satisfy who I am.




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