I love love (and my Aunt Pat!)

I have been blessed with amazing family. Growing up in the same town as my Mom’s sister’s I was blessed by their time, talents and love. From one I got my love of baking and the other my love of travel. I got many more things from them and feel I am the person I am today from not only my parents, but the love and care my family always provided me.

This past weekend we all traveled to the town of Cambria to witness my mom’s oldest sister Pat get married. It was such a special day and the culmination of 40 years of a growing love. Pat and Jim met in their twenties and through various stages and circumstances never made it as a couple but always remained friends. Recently God changed their hearts and they decided they had waited long enough to be married.

I am so happy for my Aunt that I have no words for them. Love is such an amazing gift and it was an honor to be there and a part of their special day.

A few photos of the love birds on their special day. To my Aunt Pat, with much love! Your favorite Niece 🙂

IMG_7409 IMG_7423 IMG_7425IMG_7447 IMG_7492 IMG_7510 IMG_7542 IMG_7589 IMG_7630 IMG_7638 IMG_7643 IMG_7647 IMG_7662 IMG_7710 IMG_7713 IMG_7787 IMG_7823


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