Living in 400 SF of Space

As you know we live in cozy little place. About 400 sf, one room, to be exact. We’ve had to be selective with what we bring into our home and creative with how we store things. Everything has a place. It’s also a great way to practice simplicity. You start to realize how much stuff you really need and how it doesn’t always take a lot of space to store it. We have to be intentionally about what we buy and have because there’s only so much that can fit.

One thing that was sacrificed over the past two years was a table to eat at. We’ve had our meals on the couch, occasionally pulling out the card table for our dinner guests. Mostly this is fine but recently I’ve been missing the table a lot. Slouching over a plate of food is getting old.

Last weekend I got the bug to do a little rearranging and while it’s not ideal it’s working for me. I have put our blue card table out for now but hope to find a slightly smaller wood table soon (or have Ryan make me one!)

A look at our cozy place (my favorite part might still be the ceiling and beams…)

What do you think? Suggestions? Ideas on what kind-of table we need? 🙂

IMG_8022 IMG_8023 IMG_8024 IMG_8027


4 thoughts on “Living in 400 SF of Space

  1. WOW! Tight! What about changing out your coffee table for a square coffee table that doubles as a dining table with floor cushions? It wouldn’t exceed the rug area. Or, move the TV to the card table spot and put in a shelf/bar stools for side by side dining while looking out the window?

  2. Love, love, love your space! The little wooden table we have in our kitchen is 3′ x 4′. We got it @ World Market & i’m sure it wasn’t very expensive. We also have a folding table, like a card table but also 3′ x 4′ that we got @ Costco. You could cover it with a cute tablecloth (that you could MAKE, or I could make for you!). Anyway, I’m thinking that would be a good size. It would extend along the couch a bit more than square but would also act as a room divider!! I love your blue folding chairs. Where did you get those?

    Tom is home this weekend so we have been relaxing. He leaves again on Tues. I think I’m going to graduate to a new knitting project. On my way to Michaels to browse baby blanket patterns. Don’t know of anyone having a baby right now but thought it would be good practice for maybe an afghan down the road!

    Hope you & Ryan are having a fun weekend. The pic of “fancy” Lucas was toooooo cute!

    Love you


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