Baby Zoey Grace l 10 Days Old

Ok I’ll just say right now that you might be seeing more baby photos on here.  I’m a little obsessed right now with how ADORABLE my little niece is (and of course how cute my older niece and nephew are too!) Monday I had the pleasure of taking some photos, well trying to take some photos, of baby Zoey. It’s not an easy task to take photos of a newborn. Sure they’re not running around on you yet but they don’t always make the face you want or cooperate when you’re trying to stick them into a basket! We tried to keep baby Zoey as comfortable and sleepy as possible, but as a newborn her favorite position is still up close to a warm body…not laying on a blanket almost naked.

With that here are a few of the shots I got! I’m still working on editing them and trying to be patient with Photoshop but I’m learning as I go. Here’s a sample of how PRECIOUS she is!!!

zoeylzoeyissa6 zoeyissa9aphoto bphoto photo


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