Saying Goodbye to your “Ideal Self”

I realize that I struggle sometimes with an image of me, or life, that isn’t always realistic (or even what I’d REALLY want). But still I feel pulled to feel/act/look a certain way ( compounded by social media and marketing tactics telling me what I need or what I should look like).  I’m working on letting go of the idea of an ‘ideal self’ and loving who God made me to be!

Read this post by “Darling Magazine” and these words resonated with me.

“From the time we were little girls, many of us have fashioned up a better, more ideal version of ourselves.

She’s 20 pounds lighter, reads The Economist and runs marathons.

She’s captivating, intelligent, and hilarious and steals the center of attention at any party.

Our ideal self is characterized by the unique ideals we hold in high esteem: athleticism, beauty, style, intellectualism, personality, philanthropy. But the danger with having an ideal self is that she robs us of contentment in the present. She makes us feel as though we are never quite enough and that we haven’t yet arrived. The truth is, your ideal self isn’t coming to the party. She wasn’t invited because she doesn’t doesn’t exist. But you do. With your quirks, insecurities and seemingly insufficiencies. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

– See more at:

Full Post Here: Breaking Up With Your Ideal Self



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