Daily Gratitude: Week 37 & 38

I might be off on my weeks.  And I’m missing a few photos. Forgive me? I’m working on forgiving myself.

Another summary of the things I’m grateful for. Photos are limited but the gratitude is there just the same.

I like to be busy, but when I don’t feel like I have enough downtime, or time to breathe I feel out of sorts. We have been very busy, with things that we’re grateful we get to do, but I’m finding I need more “I” time (Introvert time…time to recharge. be alone and process). Work has been extra crazy which is making me feel a little like I’m losing my mind. When this happens I get cranky. (Ask my husband, he’ll confirm this).

I’m trying to remember that it’s ok to stop and to say no. To realize that there are seasons and it’s just a busy one. That I’m GRATEFUL to get to go places, celebrate friends, be with my husband, and have everything I need.

Somedays it’s harder so I’m learning to step back. Breathe. And remember the little things that make me happy and that I’m grateful for. It’s amazing that when I stop and look I have no trouble finding them.

So as a new week starts I’ll resume taking my daily photos. Until then I’ll give myself the grace to be ok when I don’t.



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