Happy Anniversary l Two going on Forever

Happy Anniversary to the best husband and my best friend! The last two years have been an amazing adventure, growth and learning experience and just plain fun! I’m blessed to have you as my life partner and thankful that God gave me you!

Our wedding day was so special, made so by the vows we made to each other and even more so by ALL the amazing people who love us and put so much time and effort into making it happen!

I still love looking at our wedding photos (thanks Aniesing). For me they bring up all the memories of the love and happiness of the day!  See more photos here: Wedding Photos .

I learned a lot about myself in our first year of marriage (read more about it Here ) and I feel these lessons are ones I will probably keep learning year after year.

I think the main lessons I learned this year are:

1. We are working towards being an even better team! The hubs and I are complete opposites in a lot of ways. The beautiful part is that when you put us together we balance each other out  and support and push one another. We still  unintentionally bump into each other in our differences but we’re learning to recognize the miscommunication for what it is and move towards an even better partnership!

2. Challenging what the world tells you your life should be like is important! The world has a lot of ideas about how we should live, what we should be doing and what our lives should be like.  We are learning who we are as a couple and what we want our lives to look like and mean. We are trying to make the decisions that are best for us as a family and not just what the world might tell us is important. We try to live simply and put each other and our marriage first before just following what the world tells us. It’s not an easy lesson, and one we struggle with daily, but we have been blessed with so much and are thankful for it.

I love you hubs, thank you for loving me!



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