Daily Gratitude : Recent Weeks

Guys, I’ve completely fallen off the wagon. I mean I have NOT taken a photo every day in October and I’m feeling kind-of bad about it. But I’m extending myself grace and looking back at the reasons I adopted a ‘photo a day’ challenge for 2013. 1. To experience gratitude in the simple blessings around me daily 2. To practice photography by taking more pictures.

I can say that even though I did not succeed in my challenge to take a picture each day this year I HAVE succeeded in completing my two reasons for the challenge.

I am surrounded each and every day with things that make me stop, smile and be thankful for the amazing gifts. 1. laying on the couch on a sat morning reading 2. spending a lazy Friday night with a man that loves me and shows me his love daily 3. time spent with family and friends 4. a job that I enjoy at least 80% of the time ……and the list goes on. Sure we’re still living in a small space and are not sure what the next year or beyond holds for us, but right now…today…we’re thankful for where we are!!

October started off fast and furious and thankfully has slowed down into a more relaxed pace. Here are a few images of the beautiful blessings of the month:

zoeyoct 2year 2year2 IMG_8605 copy IMG_3275 IMG_0425 IMG_0419 copy


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