Jackson: 2 Month’s Old

The first 4 weeks were rough (lack of sleep. not knowing what we were doing. hormones). The last 4 have had their moments (around 6 weeks and last week were extra fussy in the evenings) but we’re getting better. We’re finding a schedule. Sleeping on average 8 hours straight a night. Having less fussy time in the evenings and learning what our different cries mean. LOVES being outside and taking baths. We are 13 lbs and mom and dad can’t get enough of your smiles and little noises!

I started working from home a few hours a week last week and it is an adjustment. Amazing how a little nugget can fill up your day and leave, seemingly, little room for anything else. Ryan and I feel blessed that I have this time off of work right now to be at home with our little buddy and are already thinking about how hard it will be to leave him when I return to work. He is precious and we love all his cute little rolls!

IMG_4998 IMG_5026 IMG_5097 IMG_5099


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