Jackson: 6 Months!

How is my baby 6 months old already?!?!? I miss the sweet newness of him but he is entering such a fun phase that makes it so much fun. He’s rolling around to get where he wants (or to move around in a circle on his blanket), he is SO close to sitting up (but with a head like his it’s going to take some extra strength and balance to master that one). He still loves putting anything and everything into his mouth, is fascinated with books and is in his element outside or on the swing! Peek a boo is starting to become a favorite and he still loves to laugh when you get him undressed for bath time. Mom went back to work full time and he has been doing well with Grammy and his new day care. He loves all the kids to watch and learn from and his just such a sweet, happy boy! He has been pushing moms buttons at night, however, waking up again but we are working on not needing me. Last night he found his tummy to sleep on (scary thought at first) but maybe he will like this better and get some sleep again!

IMG_4803 copy IMG_4822 copy IMG_4853 IMG_4890 IMG_4959 copy IMG_6566


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