Jackson: 9 Months

Jack has officially been here longer than he was in my stomach! How/when did that happen? Somewhere along the way we have settled into life with our little man and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Sure mom still gets a little overwhelmed with all that needs to happen, and making sure that she’s doing things the ‘best’ way (may have called poison control twice the other day to double check on termite control safety…),but we’re finding our groove. There are still areas that I need to work on, relax a bit, but remember when they said it would get easier? Well it did and it does! These little people have a way of stealing your heart in ways you can’t possibly imagine and wrapping themselves up so tightly around your heart you think it might burst!

As I rush to write this because dishes and getting ready for tomorrow awaits me I’m blessed to know that I’m this sweet little boy’s mama. He for sure has my heart and I can’t wait to see the little boy he becomes!

IMG_5791 IMG_5820 IMG_5832 IMG_5838 copy IMG_5911IMG_7678


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