Finding Balance in the Struggle for Healthier + Cleaner Living

I can be an all or nothing type of person. I don’t feel comfortable with grey and want a right or wrong way to do things. (Hello struggle with parenting….”wide range of normal” anyone???)  But I work on this and am REALLLLYY trying to remember it’s “grace over guilt” as my favorite online pilates instructor says ( check her out:

So with that said I can get overwhelmed by all the information out there about safe and unsafe products and food and what to do about it. Ryan and I have been transitioning to a (hopefully) safer lifestyle over the past few years. For various reasons we have eliminated most of the dairy and wheat from our diet, try to buy mostly organic foods, and watch what products we are using. We have read up on lots of different toxins and ways to keep them out of our house and bodies. I try and a take a ‘baby steps’ approach to removing this and choosing safer options, but as I mentioned before I’m an all or nothing type and can get caught up in it not being ALL done immediately.

Once we had a baby it seemed even more important to make changes that were safer for all of us. Now research might come out in a few years that says we’re all crazy and these things are not that bad for us, but it just seems logical to NOT put too many chemicals in our bodies….right??

However, there is so much information out there about what’s bad and what’s good that it can be hard to determine what is reliable and what we want to make a priority in our household.

I love the Environmental Working Group ( as a resource for helping us pick safer products. You can research products, research and tips on their website and they even have handy apps for personal care products and the “Dirty Dozen” in foods.

We’re still working on what this means for our family and what the priorities will be (this is not the cheaper way of doing things), but we are committed to trying to make our home a cleaner and safer place. Here are just a few of the goals/priorities for our family (Adjusting and changing as we learn, grow and adjust priorities). What about you? Ways you’re choosing to live cleaner/healthier?

Healthier/Cleaner living goals for our family: 
1. Meatless Monday (or  meatless one day a week)
2. Organic + Hormone free + Minimally Processed + Seasonal (always dirty dozen) Foods
3. Greener household products and beauty products (Using EWG + Beautycounter + Honest Co products and resources)
4. Less Plastic!  Replace with glass options
5. Get rid of non-stick cookware – switch to Cast Iron
6. Simplify wardrobe (Anyone heard of a capsule wardrobe?)
7. Reduce Paper
8. Clutter free / Small/Simple living
9. Others…???


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