Jackson | 12 Months!

Well, yes we had a party and now we’re going back to his being 12 months old! I look back over the last year and I can’t believe it’s here and gone. Cliche but it seems like it was yesterday we were taking a tiny baby home from the hospital (hormones raging, exhausted and scared not knowing what to do), and here we have a big chubby little boy on the verge of walking and taking over the world! I’m one proud mama of this sweet little boy and so thankful of all that we’ve learned this year (and that the hormones have settled and I’m mostly not exhausted..mostly).

Jackson loves to MOVE – this kid never sits still. He loves books (anything) about animals, especially dogs. He loves giving kisses, barking, cruising with his light up walker, balls, fruit of any kind, water, and playing with his daddy. He’s about 24 lbs and still has his adorable wrist rolls and squishy thighs!! (don’t lose those too fast buddy!) He is the happiest little guy and loves people, to smile, laugh and enjoy life!

On to toddlerhood!
IMG_7319 IMG_9327 IMG_7342 IMG_9240 IMG_9286 IMG_9279


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