10 Tips to Switching to Safer Products

Looking to #switchtosafer in the New Year but don’t know where to start? Greg Renfrew the CEO & Founder of Beautycounter recently tweeted some of her tips to switching to safer products. These are some simple tips to start making a difference towards safer living. What number are you going to try first?


Healthy Tip #1: When possible, choose organic produce to reduce exposure to pesticides. Here’s the Dirty Dozen: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary.php

Healthy Tip #2: It may seem simple, but removing your shoes is a great way to reduce your exposure to lead and pesticides.

Healthy Tip #3: Dust, vacuum and mop once a week to reduce exposure to household dust; a big exposure route for toxic chemicals.

Healthy Tip #4: For safer nail polish look for brands that avoid the “toxic trio” 

Healthy Tip #5: Next time you’re on the market for a new couch, armchair, or mattress look for flame retardant free products.

Healthy Tip #6: Know your plastics. [Safer plastics = 1, 3, 5] [Avoid = 2, 5, 6] [With Caution = 7]

Healthy Tip #7: Cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals. Many safer products exist: 

Healthy Tip #8: If there is ONE change you make, skip perfume, cologne & air fresheners. Many contain hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Healthy Tip #9: If you need a safer all over body lotion, pick up a jar of coconut oil at your local grocery store.

Healthy Tip #10: Start your new year off right by purchasing Beautycounter’s beautiful products! Shop at www.beautycounter.com/christabacon


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